ULF 2017

Upgraded Life Festival-MainPicture.jpg

It is that time of the year again

We participated in in Upgraded Life Festival for the first time in 2016. For us it was a great event since we had just published Balansio Mobile on Google Play and wanted to hear what  people had to say. Not only is ULF well organised, but it has a great atmoshphere with different start-ups and influencers who all are focused on health.  

Obviously we are joining this year as well. Not only do we have our stand where we present the latest features on Balansio Mobile but we also present Balansio Pro; our solution that is designed for medical professionals to give remote support and coaching for patients with diabetes.

On top of this we are hosting a round table discussion. We are excited about this and hope you are as well. The topic for our discussion is "Diabetes treatment costs continue to rise, what can be done?" and it is hosted by Toni Pakarinen, our COO at Quattro Folia.

See you there!