Empower yourself


Balansio mobile application is designed to make the life of diabetics more effortless and safer. By using Balansio you can learn to become more independent and self-managed with diabetes.

Stay active and motivated, learn about yourself and when in need, get support from a health care professional regardless of time and place.

Your Balansio, your information:

  • BG data + related information synched on your devices
  • Wireless BG data uploads (selected meters) 
  • Remote care from health care organisations

Balansio integrates with QF Bolus Calculator for rapid-acting insulin dose proposal calculation and QF A1c Estimator for estimation of your glycemic control. 

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Connect your favourite fitness apps with Balansio

New features

Balansio has been updated and contains some great new features!

  • Cleaned & improved user interface
  • More supported BG meters for wireless data uploads
  • Daily step count tracking
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Blood pressure tracking  
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See how medical professionals benefit from Balansio Pro.


Learn about the potential that Balansio brings to hospitals and clinics.