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Balansio exists to make the life of diabetics more effortless and safe and to help them to become more independent and self-managed with diabetes.

With Balansio your diabetes management gets easier. Stay active, learn to self-manage your diabetes and, when in need, get support from a health care professional regardless of time and place.

Connect your favourite fitness apps with Balansio

all your data in one view 

See your medical and wellness information in the same report, and learn how your daily decisions affect your health. You can review your blood glucose measurement results, carbohydrates, and medication information, as well as your activity information all in one insightful view. As a registered user you can also use Balansio on multiple devices. The app automatically synchronises your data so you always have your information up to date.  

Bolus calculator.001.jpeg

Built in bolus calculator

Do you ever have a hard time figuring out how much bolus to take? Balansio´s CE-certified bolus calculator does the math for you. It is reliable and and fast:

  1. Add your current blood glucose value.
  2. Tap the carbohydarates that you are planning to eat.
  3. Accept the proposal and tap save. 

Thanks to Balansio´s comprehensive settings and sophisticated algorithm you get accurate proposals. This reduces the risk of high and low blood glucose values.

Connect with health care provideRS

Sometimes you may need support to make sense of your data in order to make good decisions and improve your health. Choose the service provider and the service that fits your need from the available providers in your Balansio, and create your own specialized care team. Share your information from Balansio and get support from professionals. This is the definition of lean and proactive health care.

Want to know more of how Balansio works for professionals?

Add and see your data from your wrist

Stay up to date with ONE glance

Use Balansio Mobile and its bolus proposal feature also on your Android Wear.  Accept your automatically uploaded blood glucose measurement results and add the amount of carbohydrates and bolus that you are about to take. Check your watch to see when your bolus dosage looses its effect. Fast, reliable and effortless - straight from your wrist.

Measuring blood glucose and then typing it manually to your phone causes unnecessary hassle. With Balansio you can transfer your blood glucose readings automatically, and enjoy your dinner with friends or focus on your physical activity without interruptions. Let your meter and phone do the work for you.