for clinics and public health care

Modern patient-centric diabetes care

Balansio enables clinics and professionals to provide patient-centric diabetes care and to put
automation into work to help the patients in their everyday care decisions. 


Diabetes, like any other chronic condition, cannot be treated in an appointment. In everyday life, diabetes can only be managed by the individual making the right lifestyle choices and following their medication routine as intended. However, it is not always easy to know what the right choices are and how to adjust the medication in different situations. Hence, the risk of complications increases.

Balansio care automation and clinical intelligence enables clinics to provide specialized support and help their patients to make better choices and to live better life without the constant fear of complications. Balansio is suitable for use in public health care, as well as for smaller and bigger practices, physicians, and nutritionists. Balansio supports type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.


Key benefits


Better care for higher number of patients by focusing on those who need the most help. Balansio prioritizes patients according to their need for support and care. With Balansio, a clinic can double or more the number of their patients while providing better and more relevant care. Also, remote care opens new possibilities for bigger market area.

Balansio brings the clinic's services to patient's daily life thus, removing the need for routine appointments taking the most time the clinician. Balansio enables clinicians to help their patients remotely based on their self-care data analysis. Appointments are only needed when face-to-face meeting is absolutely necessary. Other major time savers are Balansio's patient management and automatic prioritization tools.

Clinical intelligence helps to take care of the patients and highlights those who need the most professional attention. Balansio also helps diabetics directly to identify care routine-related challenges and to learn how to manage and avoid them in the future.


Compatible with existing health care system by integrating with localized care practices, electronic health record (EHR) systems, diagnostic devices, etc. Balansio is one of the few supporting FreeStyle Libre as authorised by Abbott.

Qaulity care

Balansio enables you to provide equal quality within and between your clinics. The expertise of your health care professionals can be transferred into your Balansio system and made available for your overall professional care team. Balansio is a flexible platform, so you can integrate the care model of your clinics and practices into it.

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Balansio enables major savings for public health care. In every country, billions after billions are spent to take care of diabetes-related complications, such as blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. The good news is that with Balansio care model most of these complications (over 60%) can be avoided. Small pieces of daily learning are the key to avoid complications and to realize major savings for public healthcare worldwide.