Diabetes treatment relies heavily on medical professionals giving support to patients. The increasing number of diabetics makes this unsustainable. Balansio safely automates and optimises care support to provide value based care while letting professionals allocate resources where they are needed. 

Below you will find research findings that show how Balansio improves the care quality of patients.

Reducing hypoglycemia risk with Balansio
presented at ATTD Milan 2016-02-03

This presentation summarises pilot results of care quality when participants used  a cloud based diabetes management solution and received support from a diabetes nurse on a regular bases over a period of 6-12 months.


HbA1c-estimation with routine monitoring data
Presented at 8th Euro Global Diabetes Summit Valencia 2015-11-3

Here we present the an individually adaptive method to calculate continuous A1c level using SMBG data and previous HbA1c measurements. 


Accuracy of continuous A1c estimator integrated to Balansio

In this presentation we evaluate the accuracy and robustness of the algorithm for continuous A1c estimation using routine monitoring data.